I AM in Love Emma Engle˚∆˙E†ernally

Dustin Casey
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Las Vegas
July 15th 1983
Anything I Put My Mind To!

After 1:00pm Noon Sunday the 16th ... with us doing have been doing dating (call it what You want:) Its Adultssomething in the area of a year, I don't know what else to call it but. u doing the Grown Up dating thing. There are many things I know tat You don't Emma. Leave it up if Your willing to Share Your Lifewith Me too)

The datig thing ... I know less thenYou do, I only know that with You, I haft to be all of me focused on You or I hav no change, even if I was Blessed (I'm hoently not good enough for You, I give You my Word) enough though be You Love.
Even still, if You Feel I am the Best Man for You Emma, and Your Family, Your choice really,mbut I would reather they likeme?

After 1:00pm if You live my words for You "I AM in Love Emma Engle˚∆˙E†ernally" and or add to it, or any of my page, I will never question Your Love for Me, ever again, because You will show me, vs tell me, by noon, without saying anything :0 just tell everyone, I miss understood, our friendship, by deleting Everying Iwrong abot Love With You, Im not wrong about being in Love with You,just the two way thing ... I'll handle it)
Follow Your Heart & Soul, Emma ...

You having my login, my permission to delete my Love for You ... by You Keeping my Love for You on my Profile, tell 1:00pm Noon, in my way of seeing Your way .. You Love Me as I Love You.

If You take my Love down, everything website, will only get better and better as it will anyway, totally different things.

Delete my Love, with out fear, if that is how You Feel Emma?
Keep it, if You want to Share Your Life, withmy Life ...

Just know Emma, When You leave my Words of mine on this we share, me speaking of You, & my Eternal Love for You ... When I see that You left it up by the morning, lets say noon ... Your Testing Your, True Self.
Because I am Trusting, that if You do NOT delete my words writinn for You, about You ...
I'm using Faith as You said ... and that You will read this by tonight, and leave my words of Love for You on my profile.

I did, I looked, at my top profile (our Names, but I said I wouldn't) and saw ... Thank You Emma, for keeping my Love, so far.

By Morning I am asking You Emma , to Please Delete my Words about, You & my Feelings of Love, for You ... Emma ... but,
"ONLY", if You Feel, that I am Not Speaking for You and only speaking for me.

& I as my Team, my only Team-Mates, in Life out side of my Family.

Even out of my Family ... Your the Only Person that has my my itsVani†y password, my IG password (thats Complete Trust, You have had them this long (if You have read my message to You Emma, just Logon my Accout, and goto sent mail)

I know that by the morning ... You, Your Family ... Each of You will have sleep on the idea of me & You and all them other dudes in the World.

What would You all be thinking and have a Freemasons in Your Family? (Safefy) :) and same with my Family to Yours ...I know Your Bother will, be and I'm sure has been watching me, be know the homie ... I can make Yie a Top Top, Vampire, and we would prob get along (Vampire / Mason) ... I'm not "just" a normal Mason. I am a Free & Accepted Military Master Mason of Nellis, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Emma, has already been Accepted be me, I honest know 2 higher than me personally so, I Accepted Emma, & she listened with her own Free Will.

It All of the Holy Bible, I'll post some current pictures ... and Bible pictures, just to show ... I too am Christian, and I am a Vampire ... lol ... Free & Accepter Teaching Builder of helping EachOther Become Better ... People.

inTime ... Ill post Christian, Mason stuff on my Blogs, thathat follow my Code, no worrrie)

Ill spell check and post new pictures, and a blog or two, but I am way be hid on a bunch of website, Emma, no one, get tripped out about seeing a profile about Anyone whohas a EV website.

The Maisie account gave me and idea, plus, I already made something pahe Youpofile gallery Emma, Ill just hock it to ... Ill senfd Yoa link and the Login info :)

Thats aLot to take in, even in the area of a year, giv or take ... Emma Family ... Your Girl inspired me to get of Never Pain Mads, with my Sister and my Moms help.
She really is my Angel.
Emma ... I really do Hope that You keep my words of Love of about You on my profile.

And if if is there tomarrow (can seem to spell Tommarrow?) ... I'll read it like Your writing to me ;)Add stuff if You want, readers will just this is me)

(That I am Speaking For The Both of Us .
sat is You dont knot detete You keeping it up, Your Telling My Heart & Soul ...You Love Me, Endlessly too ... and I will but the farm on that, if Youb kepp it us and I see that You, kept it up.

Im on my Computer, with the computer site ... I skipped past is, for all I know .. You already took it off Emma?
If Not, Please keep it, to me... I see it as, Your shy self saying it back to me. But take it down from my profile ... if it is not, Truth to Yo ... it would hurt us Both in the long run. If Ether of us were faking, but, we Both being completely real, only lieing we are doing is, lieing to our self, that we do need eachOther.
(I can't seem to spell lieing .. I Can spell lie. I could just look it up, but, Im not ganna look that word up ... lol)

If You do feel anywhere close to how I feel about You ... we will be Great for eachOther forEvery :)
I Know My Choice, You.

Emma, if You do not Love me, the same way I love You ... if You do not want to Share the rest of our Lives Together, looking around every Corner ... just cause we Wonder, what is it, just around, that corner :) (Lets Find Out, with, One Another)
Only You would get me with all this Emma Im writing ...

People around me are all made at me, Thinking of us, what they would do if the were us. things, I just see it like I speaking to You, and doing my Best You read most of it. Ether, by You checking my send mail, here on this site, or, my Wall, or blogs and pictures, Videos and Music ... I guess this is the best Social Network, You better start cracking the while on my Emma, this site should be so much better, on that not ... I'm calling Canada right now :)

Be Safe Emma, and Enjoy the Weather, for the time being, Global Cooling starts soon, with water)

If You want to share Your Life with some one Else ... Login on her ... and erase what I say ... "I AM in Love Emma Engle˚∆˙E†ernally" ... Yes, I will be hurt, but I will not be hurt in the same way if You don't Love Me Back 30Years from now.

I will love You the same 60 years from now.

The Way I see it, if my profile her, still says ... "I AM in Love Emma Engle˚∆˙E†ernally" ... I am going to view it as You saying "I AM in Love Dustin Casey˚∆˙E†ernally" ... is that fair?

Detete it, if You feel different than I do ... Thing is though, I have Faith it will stll be there Tommorrow, because I kno You Love my the same way I do You ... and that You want to Share Your Life with me to.

But, I am wrong aLot ... about aLot of things ... and Your not a "thing" Your a Wonderful Person.

I Hope to see it their tomorrow ... and I will never question You about our relationship again ... because You will have giving me the promise I am Hoping for ... if You do not deleter that.

Your Free Will I'll be on my profile because I'm working on itsVanity, EternalVanity's, asMasons ... buy I will not look at that area, tell tomorrow ... so that You can sleep on the idea :)
Well, the last long time idea :)

To Believe in me Emma, is all You need to do) & I will let time prove me honest man.

I hadn't put it together tell this morning ... most, like ... know the E†ernal Vani†y is a Masonic "Side Order", in fact, it is call by many, the most important ... highist Masonry. For one, Eternal Vanity knows, Blue Lodge is the Most Important out a Lodge, it is GOD's Temple.

Following the Order of Ancient Masonry † I may be, the Highest Side Order of Masonry in this day, over, even the Templar, well, We are Templar.

You tell me, ANY Masom ... who is Protecting the Word, As my Sister (Lana) Emma And I ∆

Who Leads Eternal Vanity,Lead Free & Accepted Master Masonry of the World, only Three Lead E†ernal Vani†y.
Just saying ... Brother Masons and Lady Sisters, You found us, "Three". Follow United asMasons

& wasn't trying to be mean to the Person that join us using the itsVanity (ItsVanity) ... Everyone is welcome ... All I was saying is ... To be real, the one People that are allowed to join Eternal Vanity using our name itsVanity is on of the names, is my Sister Lana, my Girlfriend Emma (sure Emma hasn't Sworn HerSelf to me, as I have to Her, don't blame her, thats a Large Choice,FreeWill Mega, I can say Girlfriend or my Love or Her Love, because, see how she left my words at the top of my profile (her and I's Profile) this one ...
it say's ... "I AM in Love Emma Engle˚∆˙E†ernally".

Thats how I ca say, we are in Love with eachOther.
To the People who keep telling me, look, Emma's kissing ... "not me"

K ... if that is true ... let them all know Emma, login to this profile, if You do Not Love Me, and that is You, kiss on ... "not me" login this profile and delete where I wrote "I AM in Love Emma Engle˚∆˙E†ernally" ... All Tree Places.

We dont hft to prove anything to anyone ... but do it ... if You dont Love Me, the Same Way I Love You Emma, Delete where I say that.
For real, it will hurt me, embbris me, but not as bad as going on another year talking about my Girlfriends name is Emma.Yes, I dont know if that make You mad at me, be I have told Everyone I know, even My Grandma I'm You boyfriend/Man/Love and vica verca

Your about to be so proud of me Emma ... Best Man for You, I'm believing it now :)
Keep Praying for us ... cause ... GOD knows :) What we know)

This is for You to know Emma, for 2016 years ... P have W, w does ˚∆˚ mean ...
and how is i "completed? ... A. You and ˙∆˚ †... i Emma †

When I get to the part of making muti itsVanity sites, to connect to Eternal Vanity sites ... I'll start with Yours Emma, and I'll send You the Pass word to it, as soon as I make it.

I know ever one is different Emma, I'm not trying to be at all pushy, just little things are Big to me, lil things ... from time to time, from You, makes me feel like a man ... Your already true to me, thats more that anyone could ask for ... Thank You)

Im ganna be short and as fast as I can with this cause ... I have like 30 plus website to make ... Im going to address 2 subjects ...
1st ... the profile, that named its Self, ItsVanity ... here what I have to say about that, sweet at 1st, when I thought it was Emma.
But, within the last 6 hours, I have had over 15 People tell me to my face ... forget Emma, she is not Good enough for me.

To those who said that to me, to anyone thinking that and to those say, who knows what to Emma.

Guess what ... I'm not Good enough for Emma ... yet, she still Accepts me for who I am.

The profile named ItsVanity, sure is that were her ... then a Person could say that, but that not Emma kissing on that Dude, and the Girl and the dude clearly are not us, Look at the 2, Its Not Emma, it Not Me.

Thought is does look like someone try to find some who looks like her, if they were shallow.
Don't Stress Emma ... I didn't fall for it, I fall for You a long time ago)

I know, You are mega Loyal to me, as I am to You, and just like me ... I'm still learning too :)

To the people who told me these things to my face, that means there are way more people thinking it.

So Ill put it like this, so You cant be mad at Emma ... Emma has made Me NO Promise like that, I have to her, but she has not to me, she could kiss on people if she wanted to ...

Emma is a Single Young Lady, Yes I would Love to say,Emma is My Lady ... that would take lead to .. she would be my Masonic Lady, and there is nothing that could make me a happier Person .. but as I said, that is her FreeWill ... respect Her Freedom ... so I don't disrespect Your Freedom People who don't respect her.

Respect her work or You may out find a Well Known, Master Free & Accepted, Oil & Media Mason, might have down graded You ... lol ... thats a joke ... just like You up grade Emma's work ... just might find a Master Free & Accepted Mason of Nellis, upgraded You too :)
Nothing bad I'm only asking to respect her ... and her Career.

Imagine ... if on day she does decide to make me that promise, promise to share her Life with me ... She will be at my Rankin Masonry ... her boss's, could say ... just might be working for her one day :)
Careful how You Treat Emma.
If I'm going to be 100% honest ... my Heart is still Braking over the knowing that I promised You my Life Emma, and You haven't said You want what You want is my Life.

So Im doing the best I can to do wants right, and do want You want ... to just be Friends, its hard for me, but I Love You, and that how You want me ... as Your Friend. Your Friend that is in Love with You :)

@nd, Im going to be making the start of About 15 itsVanity sites ... to make other sites ... like this ... Dustin.Casey.best/

I shold not have brought that up, I got aLot odf websites tommake ... I need to be happy, when You etbup Emma ... You need to ne happy ...
I'm trying to tell the people, You wont be my girlfriend, be You also are not that Its Vanity profile that got a pictureof a girl kissing on a dude.

For one person who joined that, I like people joining, Im about to make a bunch of profile that are not e, but Im going to mame them all website that they conect to ... Only Lana, Emma ansd I are suppossedto use that name on this site,

Now, I'm ganna need took at my 1st Blog to remind me ... Emma said ... to beliaeve in what I Pray for ... and its her I Play to Christ for so ... Im ganna get back in the Good moos, by looking at out 2 Rose for eachOther )
I Love You, Emma †

A aww if the lil make on Your left Cheek ... in not from something normal ... You need to tell me if if was someone who, and how, their name, first middle and Last, help if You know what State they were born, age helps too. Remember, You and I a Free & Accepted in Masonry. Your now allowed to be hurt.

Im about to start website programming ... Emma You'll see a Emm-Engle.Life profile soon, thats just me, for Your website ( and to Microsoft ... the top Photo link, with still goto Emma's Microsoft, pictures, the bottom Picture link, lill go to a Gallery Her & and can control, Ill send You the Login info to it Emma,.
And and I send You and Message Check Your inbox ... If You want to?
Emma I Send You A V-Day massage, check it throw my acount or Yours ether way :) if You want to.) Mine is Yours, but ... when its me that says that, its real)

So, My Sister who says, "never Speak of Her Ago" :)
Read Your Message)

Emma, who want me to speak to her ..
Read Your Message :)
Might like it)
Then delete them two lil note, just so I know, You read Your Messages :)
More where they come for) the "Key Word" section) This that how its spelled :)

I Am, allowed to say ... Emma R. Engle is cool with me writing or talking about her Cuz's ...(inFact, She is more than okay with me speaking for her, as long as I do act like I am her speaking, I making it clear ... its me speaking)... if she disagrees, with me speaking of her or does not agree
(to the extent of totally disagrees)

There not a whole lot I can do for You from where I sit, so ... I'm thinking ... I do, One of the this on the internet that I am kinda Good at doing. I Think that ... is doing something for You ... doing something for EV :)

Im going to make a Emma-Engle.Life itsVanity profile, only to get Your site on the EV search and to make EmmaEngle.Life alil better) And the Gallery's of itsVanity better at the same time.

Like, 6 of my 14 cell phone are going wak on me ... that kinda odd rite?

As Soon as I can get a hold of one of two groups of my homies is Canada ... itsVanity's ganna be hella better :) I'm kinda messing with You guys ... but I have been trying to call You ... even today ... but ... Your may have Your hands full today ... lol ...
I'll call another day)

If I could Emma, I would ... thats Your choice's though ... All I can say is ... where We going? Thats The Your Choices Part ;) Well One one them)

Happy Valentine's Day 2020 Emma :) I sent You a message)
I have enjoyed telling the World how I feel about You Emma, but, the World is seeing the one way to get to me, in detail so ... Im sorry Emma, I've always been a amount of a private for a reason ... and .. You are able to be personal with me ... thats better anyway.

I like You too World ... not what I am saying)

I Love You Emma :)

My opinion about songs ...
1. M5 Memory's.
2. South of the Border ...
& ...
3. "Your not half the Man You think that You are"
My favorite Music for the now :)
This song is hella cool too)
4. "We can do anything if we put out mind to it"
98.5 KLUC APP) Radio .com

I have always had this way of saying whatever I am thinking or feeling.
In the past, I'd sing about ... things that ... isn't totally right, in the World ... in my opinion.
I start writing with Compassion about Love ...
Real Love ... I'm still not seeing anything bad)

When I talk about, seeing Christ in Emma ... makes her Awesome.
I'm not saying I think Your GOD, Emma ... I know neither of us are.
I see Our GOD in You)
Better than a Fact.
Its so okay, to be Proud of that. My Love for You ... is real Emma.
You Look Wonderful :)
& Your wild, is the Best kinda Wild.

The things You see as Beautiful ... I see as Beautiful.

How can, something as basic as a picture ... turn so ... Wonderful, when Your in it :)

Good Quality's ...
A Person has been teaching me, so much, about even mySelf.
So much about Love really.
(How? Being herSelf.)

Best I can do is ... share things I can teach too)
My knowledge is worth, less. I have no ticket to Heaven, only a Promise :)
Same as "All" of "You".
People, Helping eachOther be better People.

Everything on my profile is Truth, to me.
You are still welcome ... Your Always Welcome, to take off anything You disagree with Emma.
My feelings ... aside.

Never underestimate YourSelf.
Let others do that)

I like Your Boots, Your style all around.
& Your looking very Good YourSelf.
The stuff Your doing ... Keep doing it.
Your Life Style ...
Fits the Words on Your shirt.
Keep being Good to YourSelf ...
I will keep being Good to mySelf too)
You feel me ... like ... I'm talking Vegas talk now.
I just made You a bet)

Ya know ... I think that is more than a bet ... I kinda just described a part of Love.
Goes both directions ...
& odd that I know ...
If I'm not feeling Good ... Your not feeling Good ether.
So, let's kicksome @ss Rite)
I support anything You do ...
That Nike slogan.
Just, be Safe ... Please)
My point, I am Happy when Your ... Happy :)
Goes both ways. Sad when Your sad.

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